There are many types of games and activities in a casino and the best and most played of all is the Bingo. It is a game of chance wherein the player is required to match few cards with the cards or numbers drawn at random by the dealer or the host. It is a game that can be played with any number of players and each player is given a set of cards to match with the dealer`s cards.

Anyone who has and is able to arrange the cards matching the dealer`s should call out bingo to intimate the other players of their win in the game. The prizes for the games are all in terms of money and sometimes there is also a jackpot announced for the same. At the end of a particular round, all cards are collected back to start the next round with fresh sets.

This is one very common game that most of the casino visitors play and it is something that can include any number of players. When compared to the other games, this is a little relaxed game and there is a chance for everybody to win a game since it is just the arrangement of cards with a first go call. So everybody stands a better chance than the others.

Apart from this another very common game played by the casino visitors is the slot machines. It is a single player game wherein each player will have to challenge the machine he sits with. Here the hitch is to match the pattern of symbol or signs or alphabets that would result in a victory. The prizes are awarded to the players immediately and this can be either in the form of cash or in the form of a free pass for a movie, free drink or a free hotel stay.




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